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Polymer Fuse Cutout

  • Morstar offers both porcelain and polymeric cutouts for systems rated at 15kV and 27kV, the Polymeric insulator is Silicon Rubber or HDPE for polymeric cutouts. Morstar Cutouts meet and or exceed all applicable ANSI performance requirements with testing performed at an accredited independent laboratory.
    Morstar cutouts are manufactured with the following features standard: All electrical contacts are silver plated. Tin plated parallel grooves are standard. Groove 1 handles #6 solid through #6 tranded. Groove 2 handles #2 solid through 25 mil or 4/0 ACSR. Heavy-duty galvanized sleet shield, arcing horns and NEMA Type B brackets are standard. Polymeric cutouts are manufactured out of 100% silicone rubber, not a polymer alloy. All mechanical fasteners are manufactured from 304-stainless steel.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho fuse cutout
Part nbr Voltage Rating kV Continuous
Interruption level Leakage Distance Shipping Weight Arc Shortening Rod
Nom Max Bil
MSCO-S111 14.4 15 110 100AMP 10kA ASYM) 15.2”-385mm 3.165kg No
MSCO-S211 14.4 15 110 200AMP 12kA(ASYM) 15.2”-385mm 3.457kg Yes
MSCO-S311 14.4 15 110 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 15.2”-385mm 3.675kg Solid blade
MSCO-S125 25 27 150 100AMP 12kA ASYM) 24.4”-620mm 3.238kg Yes
MSCO-S225 25 27 150 200AMP 10kA(ASYM) 24.4”-620mm 3.618kg Yes
MSCO-S325 25 27 150 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 24.4”-620mm 3.936kg Solid blade
MSCO-S127 25 36 170 100AMP 12kA ASYM) 32.6”-830mm 6.015kg Yes
MSCO-S227 25 36 170 200AMP 10kA(ASYM) 32.6”- 830mm 6.330kg Yes
MSCO-S327 25 36 170 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 32.6”- 830mm 6.605kg Solid blade

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