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  • Strut composite is side line makes composite Morningstar Electric Co. produced many outstanding advantages.
    Try as solid and durable rugged, long life maintenance cost savings line.
    Corrosion, rust by various environmental factors in many places, such as acid rain in places with high humidity,
    where the high salinity of alum as coastal areas, where high natural ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
    Do not be influenced by many environmental factors should be appropriately used extensively in many areas with different climatic conditions.
    Strut composite lightweight help facilitate the move and installation of saving manpower and machinery.
    No electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity increased safety for the power grid.
fpr pole
da composite 2

composite composite

Standard size.
Description of section







47 x 5


Flat braces X X O O
Round braces O O O X
Square braces O O X O

 X: Yes                  O: No

Morstar #

Description (W-H-T-L)
TC4010-800 40x10x800
TC4010-810 40x10x810
TC4010-920 40x10x920
TC6010-800 60x10x800
TC6010-810 60x10x810
TC6010-920 60x10x920
TC505006-800 50x50x6x800
TC505006-810 50x50x6x810
TC505006-920 50x50x6x920
TC4705-800 47x5x800
TC4705-810 47x5x810
TC4705-920 47x5x920


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