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Sao Mai Electrical Joint Stock Company, abbreviated name: Morstar Electric., Is a professional supplier of products and services in the field of industrial and civil electricity.

The founding members of the Company have 18 years of experience in the field of technical business, international relations, consulting services, ... in specialized fields, are representatives of many manufacturers as manufacturers. , leading international consultancy, technology transfer.

With the guideline of QUALITY - AN TANAN - EFFICIENCY, Sao Mai Electric Joint Stock Company., Wishing to bring customers quality products, advanced solutions, ensuring investment value; and ready to serve to satisfy the requirements that require high professionalism from customers.


Specializes in import and export, trading of civil, industrial, and renewable energy equipment.

Quality: High quality imported and domestic products using American, Swiss, Hongkong, Singapore technology, etc., according to Vietnamese and international standards.

Products manufactured at the factory:

  • Shaped wire for transmission and distribution lines: armored, armored, and armored
  • Shaped copper-clad aluminum material: busbar, wire, head, etc.
  • Shaped composites: momentum, electric pillars, doors and fiberglass profiles
  • Electrical insulating products of all kinds
  • Electrical products for civil and industrial safety: MCB, MCCB. Digital Meter

In order to improve service quality, Sao Mai Electrical Joint Stock Company, continuously research technology, train employees, improve services, develop diversified goods sources to deserve a reliable partner and war. customers' benefits.

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