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Type fuse link belong to “K”and“T”typefuse, it has general type, universal type and screw type available according to IEC-282 standard. Keyissuitable for drop-off fuse cut out with rated voltage 11-36kv.
+ fuse links are designed to carry 150% of their rated current without damage to the fuse link itself or the cutout in which it is installed. 
+ This capacity is for special loading situations, such as short-time overloads and cold load pick-up. It have two type, type K fuse links and type T fuse links, The fast characteristics of Type K fuse links were to provide fuse links that would meet existing coordination schemes. Type T fuse links provide slower time-current characteristics than the Type K links. Type T links coordinate particularly well with automatic oilcircuit recloses. 
+ Materials used of Type K links
- The fusible section of the 1 through 3 ampere Type K links consist of a stainlesssteel fuse strain wire; the 6 through 10 ampere, stainless-steel strain wire and a copper-alloy fuse wire; 12 through 100 amperes, a stainless steel strain wire and a silver-copper fuse wire; 140 and 200 ampere, a silver-copper fuse wire large enough to serve as both strain and fuse wire.
+ Fuse elements of Type T fuse links
1 through 3 ampere Type T fuse links employ a fusing section consisting of a stainless-steel wire serving as both strain and fuse wire; 6 through 100 ampere, a stainless-steel strain wire and a pure-tin fuse wire in parallel. 140 and 200 ampere T links have a copper element mechanically crimped at one end, soldered at the other end. On overloads or low faults, the solder becomes a fluid and the link separates; on higher fault currents, the link separates when the copper wire melts.


- A Removable Buttons - Allow fuse links to be used in all open and enclosed cutouts, including cutouts with arc-shortening rods.Fuse link type, ampere size and date of manufacture marked on periphery of screw terminal.
- B Fuse element: eutectic alloy which can be melted at low temperature to avoid the burning of arc-extinguishing tube.
- C High strength strain wire, which can withstand the tensile strength from fuse cutout flipper and outside pulling strength.
- D Swaged connected end guarantees the reliable connection of elements and are not easily damaged.
- E Swaged cable section prevents splaying of strands of cable, to ensure the cable’s smooth withdrawal from tube during the melting of fuse link.
- F Tinned copper stranded cable, resists corrosion, its cable diameter can resist corona.
- G Auxiliary arc-extinguishing tube, improves the capability of interrupting low fault current, and has the special ability to interrupt full range fault. Marked on length of tube to aid in identification of
fuse type K or T 
- H Captive Washer - Will not fall off prior to or during installation. (Can be removed for use where 1/2" button or no button is required.)

Rated Current Am Dimension(mm)
B1(mm) B2(mm) B3(mm) B4(mm) L(mm) M(mm) N(mm)
1~25 12.5±0.2 19±0.3 6.5 2.0 580 2.0 120 500
30~40 12.5±0.2 19±0.3 8.0 3.0 580 2.0 120 500
50~100 19±0.3 (Not applicable) 9.8 5.0 580 4.0 140 250
110~200 19±0.3 (Not applicable) 12.0 7.0 580 4.0 140 150

Electrical equipment such as transformers, switches, relays, and conductors are exposed to various levels of current during normal operation. Generally, electrical devices can withstand high currents for a short period of time and low current for longer periods of time without thermal or mechanical damage. The ability to withstand various levels of current for various periods of time is referred to as time-current characteristics. Coordination of power systems involves the selection of fuse links to protect equipment with various time-current characteristics while coordinating with recloses, circuit breakers, sectionalizes, relays, and other fuses. Morstar offers two types of fuse links with a wide range of time-current characteristics (refer to Table 1). The speed ratio of all fuse link sizes 100 A and below is the ratio between the current that melts the fuse in 0.1 seconds to the current that melts the fuse in 300 seconds. The higher the ratio, the slower the speed of melting. For fuses rated above 100 A, the speed ratio is between the melting currents at 0.1 second and 600 seconds.
Table 1. Speed Ratio Tin Element(s) Slow T Dual Element Designation Fast Medium Slow Very Slow Extra Slow Type K, T Speed Ratio 6-8 10-13
Type K T Type K (tube color brown) Type K fuse links have been tested to the IEEE Std C37.42™ standard requirements for a “fast” fuse. The nominal speed ratio of Type K fuse links is 7. Type K fuse links are well suited where “fast” time-current characteristics are desired such as for capacitor protection.
duong cong dac tuyen
Speed Ratio 6-8 10-13 Type T fuse links have been tested to the IEEE Std C37.42™ standard requirements for a “slow” fuse link. The nominal speed ratio of Type T fuse links is 12. Type T fuse links provide slower time current characteristics than Types K, and coordinate well with relays and reclosers.



23-Inch/580mm Overall Length Rating,
Morstar "K" Speed
(TCC No. 165-6)
Morstar "T" Speed
(TCC No. 170-6)
Catalog Number* Catalog Number*
1 1K 65101 1T 65201
2 2K 65102 2T 65202
3 3K 64103 3T 64203
5  5K  65105   5T  65205 
6 6K 65106 6T 65206
8 8K 65108 8T 65208 
10 10K 65110 10T 65210
12  12K 65112 12T 65212
15 15K 65115 15T 65215
20 20K 65120 20T 65220
25 25K 65125 25T 65225
30 30K 80130 30T 80230
40 40K 80140 40T 80240
50 50K 98150 50T 98250
65 65K 98165 65T 98265
80 80K 98180 80T 98280
100 100K 98100 100T 98200
120 120K 98120 120T 98220
140 140K 98114 140T 98214
160 160K 98116 160T 98216
180 180K 98118 180T 98218
200 200K 98122 200T 98222

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