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  • FRP COMPOSITE CROSSSARM is side line makes composite Morning Star Electric Corporation. produced many outstanding advantages.
    Try as solid and durable rugged, long life maintenance cost savings line.
    Corrosion, rust by various environmental factors in many places, such as acid rain in places with high humidity,
    where the high salinity of alum as coastal areas, where high natural ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
    Do not be influenced by many environmental factors should be appropriately used extensively in many areas with different climatic conditions.
    Strut composite lightweight help facilitate the move and installation of saving manpower and machinery.
    No electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity increased safety for the power grid.
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Bảng giá các loại đà composite công nghệ cao  
Stt Tên vật tư Đvt Số lượng  Đơn giá ( chưa VAT)  Ghi chú
1 Đà composite 75x75x6x800mm cây                 1                         440,000 Đà thành phẩm ( bao gồm khoan lỗ đóng ống )
2 Thanh chống composite 60x10-810mm Cây                 1                           97,500
3 Đà composite 75x75x6x2400mm Cây                 1                      1,320,000
4 Thanh chống composite 60x10-920mm Cây                 1                         110,500
5 Đà composite 75x75x6-2800mm Cây                 1                      1,540,000
6 Đà composite 75x75x6-2800mm Cây                 1                      1,540,000
7 Đà composite 75x75x6-3200mm Cây                 1                      1,760,000
8 Đà composite 80x110x5x2400mm Cây                 1                      1,560,000

Crossarm Comparision
  FRP Composite Poles Galvanized Steel Poles Aluminum Poles Concrete Poles
Light Weight G B A B
Easy to Maintain G B A A
Color Stability G B B B
Easy to Install G B B B
Non-Conductive G B B G
Corrosion Resistance G B B A
Long Life Span G A G A
G: Good        A: Average        B: Bad
Production Code of Crossarm
Morstar # Description (W-H-T-L)
TD757506-800 75x75x6x800
TD757506-2000 75x75x6x2000
TD757506-2400 75x75x6x2400
TD757506-3200 75x75x6x3200
TD1108005-800 110x80x5x800
TD110805-2000 110x80x5x2000
TD1108005-2400 110x80x5x2400
TD1108005-3200 110x80x5x3200

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